Application Development

Our application development practice is forward-thinking and focused on finding solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. We bring a developers mindset to bear on all our customer engagement. At our core, we enjoy developing unique solutions for IT problems. We are passionate about learning all emerging software technologies and how they may shape our future.

We look at how our customers work with their line of business applications and routinely assist with aspects such as reporting and dashboards.

As we gain familiarity with our customers’ work processes, we participate in conversations over future improvements.

We assist in API integrations between on-premise and cloud systems, migrating customers between software solutions, and implementing solutions such as CRM, accounting automation and marketing automation from the ground up.

Over the last decade, we have built CRM solutions for diverse requirements such as hospitality, publishing, labour management, payroll integration, learning management systems and membership databases for non-profit organizations.

Some of the technologies we program and support daily include Microsoft CRM, Great Plains, Quickbooks on-premise and Quickbooks online.

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