Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your data is at the core of your business strategy, which is the same for us.

When it comes to data backups, we have a simple philosophy – no data left behind.

We leverage onsite and off-site backup solutions and cloud recovery options to minimize disruptions to your business from accidental data deletions, ransomware attacks and server failures.

We will help you determine the best path.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions provide:

Automatic and Regular backups – after the initial configuration, backups happen automatically and on your schedule.
Offsite Backup – we transfer your data to a remote storage facility, making it completely recoverable even in the event of a physical disaster, theft or loss.
Absolute Privacy – with our online backup solution, your data is encrypted and compressed even before it leaves your computer, ensuring no one without privileges has access to your valuable information.
Point-in-time Restores – allow you to point and select a specific version, and then click to restore.
Optimized Bandwidth & Storage – after the first full backup, only incremental block-level changes are sent.

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